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    ATIP (GCMS / CAIPS Notes)

    “Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System” also known as CAIPS is a system that is used by all the Canadian Visa Offices and the Consulates for all kind of Visa Application Processing. Now GCMS system is being introduced to the office, which is capable of recording all Visa Applications along with the remarks and interviews that were taken by the high commission previously outside Canada. CAIPS/GCMS is used for all kind of Canada visa applications made outside of Canada.

    What are CAIPS FILECHECK notes?

    CAIPS FILECHECK notes are formed on a request for the applications that are being processed outside the country of Canada. These notes are comprised of a DETAILED COMPUTER PRINTOUT containing all the information regarding the progress of an application. Every single action taken on your status is imprinted on the file. Since 2010, the systems have changed and now GCMS, Global Case Management System is used instead.

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