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Need container service to transport your valuables

We take care of your loaded containers from start to finish. We’re proud to offer insulated shipping containers services to our clients with different sizes to deliver their products with safety. Gulzar transport not only offer container transportation services, but we can also ship bulk and general cargo.Once you agree on the estimated costs, we’ll quickly transport the container to the agreed drop-off point. When transporting breakbulk and containers, we’ll always create a transport plan, which outlines different container delivery options to our clients as per their requirements.

Container transport & logistics

We are specialized in project cargos and special cargo handling services. Gulzar transport provides bulk pickup and delivery service within Vancouver for products ranging from grain, corn, wheat, and most agricultural products shipped in bulk.Dry Van and Flat deck services are available for all areas that we service. Also, when transporting and delivering shipping containers abroad, we take care of all the necessary paperwork, including the customs declarations. We also package containers if needed.

Special Containers that can fulfill your needs
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Customer Reviews

Thousands of satisfied customers around Canada and United States for over 15 years of professional transportation services.

  • Tim bert
    Gulzar Transport offers unbeatable trucking services. We used them for our business, to transport our cargo and they were phenomenal. They genuinely cared for our stuff. I believe they are the best transport and trucking company in Delta, BC. I would highly recommend them for your business!
    Tim bert
  • Neeraj ss
    I am totally impressed with the Step Deck services provided by Gulzar Transport based in Delta. I was worried to transport my freight which was tall than the normal height. But luckily, I came across these guys, they have advanced equipment. They used Dry vans for the shipment of my tall cargo and safely delivered the stuff. You can trust them with their trucking and transportation services.
    Neeraj ss
  • kelly walker
    Overall, I had a positive experience with Gulzar Transport. I used their Dry Van service for transporting my cargo. They offered a safe and on-time delivery. Their employees are very sympathetic and listen to the requirements carefully. At Gulzar Transport the services are affordable and well balanced.
    kelly walker
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Container Hauling

We offer different sizes of containers to serve different industries. We also offer additional accessories and modifications for your container.

Container Management

We also offer additional accessories and modifications for your container and equipped in many ways with several usage options.

Insulated Containers

Heat insulated containers provide safe, warm and dry storage space for all year rounds usage.They can be moved around easily like any standard container, and equipped in many ways.

Freight Container Rental

We offer containers for long and short term rental with several usage options. We can deliver containers where you want, or you can pick them up from our by yourself!
Want to store your Container?

we provide safe and convenient way to store your container

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