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    Visitor Visa for Business

    Canada is a diverse country that has much to offer business guests. An incessantly growing economy of Canada and myriad of business opportunities attract entrepreneurs and investors from all across the globe. A plethora of international business people come to Canada every year, to do business with Canadian companies.

    However, to explore the investment options and to interact with Canadian business counterparts, it becomes inevitable for foreign nationals to obtain a Business Visitor Visa to Canada.

    Why is it a good time to start a business in Canada?

    The fertile environment of Canada suits the requirement of every businessman. Moreover, Canada ranked first among G20 countries in Forbes annual list of ‘The Best Countries for Business’ because of the following reasons:

    • A highly efficient labor market (ranked 7th out of 140 countries);
    • Ranked 2nd for ease of paying taxes, ahead of the U.S.A. (8th) and Germany (10th);
    • Ranked 2nd for investor protection, ahead of India (4th) and the U.S.A (9th) and
    • Low-interest

    Canada Business Visitor Visa requirements

    If you are planning a temporary stay in Canada you need to apply for Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) and it also encompasses the Canada business visitor visa. No work permit is required for such visitors. The visitor must apply and obtain a business visitor visa to Canada before traveling to and enter the country.

    Moreover, you need to present the following three items to immigration officers before you get an approval to access Canada on a business visitor visa:

    • Show that your main source of income and your businesses are outside of Canada.
    • Have no criminal records or health-based inadmissibility.
    • Show that the purpose of your visit is temporary.

    How to apply for Canada Business Visitor Visa

    business visitor is the does not directly get into the labor market of Canada rather he is a foreign national who visits Canada to undertake the activities that are related to the international business.

    An individual can apply for Canada Business Visitor Visa by one of the following two ways as per the requirement:

    • Apply for an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization);

    The need for an Immigration Consultant

    From all the above-mentioned details, it may seem that applying for Canadian business visitor visa is an uncomplicated task. However, a help from a West End Immigration is always advised because there is always a higher risk of refusal in cases where the application is not properly prepared. Following are a few reasons ‘Why you should hire a Canadian Immigration Consultant’:

    • The Canadian immigration standards are very high.
    • Insufficient knowledge of the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of immigration applications.
    • The Canadian Immigration process is complex, cumbersome and involves legal expertise.
    • Frivolous paperwork can become a hindrance to a crucial business meeting.

    If you meet the above requirements, please Contact West End Immigration.